How to Prevent Sun Damages from Hair

How to Prevent Sun Damages from Hair

Freely wavy hair and the sun can be the two perfect elements of summer, especially if the sun leaves a golden glow in your hair! But did you know that the combination of your hair and the sun does not always have positive results?

In summer, our hair becomes sensitive to many abrasive effects; sun rays, sea and pool water stand out among them. In addition, conditions such as chemical and heat treatments, excessive combing and even iron deficiency can lead to deterioration of hair health.

Exposure to UV rays can disrupt the protein structure of the hair, causing your hair to look dull and weakening the stretch and physical properties of your hair. Because this wear is concentrated on the outer layer of the hair, fine hair can wear out more than you might expect, compared to thicker hair, which has more natural resistance to UV rays. Therefore, the relationship between your hair and the sun may be greater than you expect and affect the appearance of your hair.

How can we maintain hair health in summer?

Maintaining the moisture balance of your hair is the key to having shiny and healthy hair throughout the summer. In summer, the humidity balance of your hair can be adversely affected by the variability of temperature and humidity. For this reason, we need to take a little more care with our hair in the summer months, we can use protective oils on our hair while going out in the sun.

Therefore, you can choose vegetable oils that nourish the hair. Rosemary oil and peppermint oil help protect your hair, which is damaged by extreme heat and UV rays in summer. You can mix these oils with your shampoos or apply them directly to your hair.

Rosemary oil

Oxidative stress on the scalp, caused by effects such as smoking, environmental pollution, and ultraviolet rays, adversely affects the health of the scalp and therefore the health of the hair. Studies have shown that rosemary oil helps in reducing oxidative stress at the hair follicle level.

In addition, rosemary oil also helps to relax the vessels in the scalp and has a positive effect on strengthening the hair by improving the blood flow of the follicles.

Mint oil

Research on its hair growth-enhancing effect shows that peppermint oil can accelerate the anagen phase, the active growth phase of the hair.

Apart from this, it is also known that peppermint oil is effective on making the scalp healthier and helps to revitalize by accelerating circulation.

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