Natural Sun Burn Relief

Natural Sun Burn Relief

Sunburn is a condition of acute inflammation of the affected area, which occurs as a result of exposure of the skin to intense sunlight. Individuals and children with fair skin color are at risk for burns and are more susceptible to sunburn. Sunburn can be life-threatening by causing dangerous systemic effects when it occurs in large areas. For this reason, fair-skinned individuals and especially children should use protective accessories such as hats and sunglasses when going out in the sun and should not neglect to apply sunscreen.

What is good for sunburn?


In the case of sunburn, it is important that the skin is adequately cooled. Applying cold to the skin relieves pain and prevents inflammation. However, extremely cold items such as ice cubes are not suitable for treatment. Using a towel dipped in cold water will suffice. Cold compress application should be continued for at least half an hour and, if possible, until the pain in the burn area is relieved. In addition, plenty of fluid intake is important; because a large amount of fluid is lost from the skin due to sunburn.

Apricot and orange oil contain several components that can trigger many different effects in the body. Compounds such as limonene, myrcene, and α-pinene provide the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antispasmodic effects of apricot and orange oil.

Thanks to the components it contains, apricot and orange oil prevent inflammation in the burn marks on your skin. It helps to regenerate the skin. In addition, this mixture ensures the regeneration of skin cells. It also has properties that support collagen production. In this way, the burned skin surface renews itself.

Gless Pena Sun Burn Oil made by Orange and Apricot Oil mixing.

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