List of Low-Carb Foods

List of Low-Carb Foods

Carbohydrate is an important molecule that must be taken in order for the body to perform its basic functions. Carbohydrates necessary for moving, doing sports, brisk life; is obtained through food. In order for your body to generate energy, carbohydrates must be present. According to scientific data, 1 gram of carbohydrate means 4 calories of energy.

If you eat foods containing carbohydrates during the day, you will maintain the acid and base balance of the blood. That's why experts recommend getting enough carbohydrates at every meal. Choosing portions according to your body mass ratio while consuming will also be a healthy step. Just as excess of everything is harmful, too much carbohydrate intake can cause health problems in your body.

Carbohydrates taken from the foods you eat are converted into glucose by your digestive system. Glucose will ensure that your organs work in a healthy way and that new cells are formed. Excess glucose is stored in the liver and then used.

There are rumors that carbohydrates make you gain weight. Not every carbohydrate you take will make you gain weight. It only affects your digestive system in case you miss the measure. Thus, weight formation occurs in your body. In this article, prepared for your healthy diet, there are fruits, vegetables, cereal products and all foods containing carbohydrates. Here is the list of carbohydrate foods:

14 Healthy Foods with the Lowest Carbs

1) Artichoke

2) Cabbage

3) Eggplant

4) Onion

5) Radish

6) Broccoli

7) Types of Mushrooms

8) Cauliflower

9) Brussels Sprouts

10) Tomato

11) Yogurt

12) Salmon

13) Lemon

14) Strawberry

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