4 Detox Juice For Health

4 Detox Juice For Health

Watermelon Detox Juice Recipe

4 slices of watermelon

1/4 SB water

1/4 SB lime juice

lime slices

fresh mint leaves

Blend the watermelon, lemon juice and water in a blender until smooth. If you wish, you can add honey to sweeten it. Then pour into a pitcher full of ice, lime slices, water, and mint.

Yes, there are many flower bouquets with the scent of lavender, but now we are slowly starting to see it in food and drinks. For example, this time I combined delicious tangerine with lavender.

Lavender Mandarin Detox Water Recipe

3 tangerines

12 sprigs of lavender

1 chamomile tea

8 SB water

Steep chamomile tea in 1 SB water for 5 minutes. Then remove the tea and add it to the remaining water. In a pitcher, mix tangerine slices with lavender and refrigerate overnight.

Strawberry is definitely one of my favorite fruits. It's both sweet and slightly sour and fragrant, eh what more!

Strawberry Detox Water Recipe

250 g strawberries

1 jug of water

1 orange

Sort the strawberries and wash them thoroughly. Thinly slice the orange and strawberries. Then transfer it to a jug, fill it with water and leave it in the refrigerator overnight.

Once you've started with red berries, it's best to continue with them. Bride. Let's combine fragrant lemon with delicious raspberry.

Raspberry Lemon Detox Juice Recipe

2 SB raspberries

8 SB water

1 lemon

2 dates

1 drop of lemon flavor

Remove the core of the date palm and cut it into several pieces. Then slice the lemon. Put all the ingredients in a jug and refrigerate overnight.

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