5 Herbal Tea for Brain Health and Mind Blowing

5 Herbal Tea for Brain Health and Mind Blowing

5 herbal tea for mind blowing

Melissa tea

Lemon balm, also known as calendula, is a perennial, lemon-scented herb. Its use in traditional treatment methods dates back to 50-80 BC. Because it is a mild sedative, it has been used for problems related to the nervous system. In some studies conducted today, it has been observed that balm helps to strengthen memory and revitalize the nervous system.

Rosemary tea

Although native to Mediterranean cuisine, widely used all over the world, rosemary is a shrub plant with needle-like leaves and flowers that can be blue, white or pink. It is suggested that the compounds in rosemary tea help protect brain cells and reduce the negative effects of brain aging.

Brahmi tea

The brahmi plant, also known as bacopa, is a herb with a 5000-year history of use, used in Ayurveda, the Indian natural healing medicine. It is thought that it can help on memory and cognitive functions, relieve anxiety and provide concentration.

Green tea

Green tea is one of the first teas that comes to mind when it comes to healthy tea. Known as a powerful source of antioxidants, green tea is known to have a calming and relaxing effect on cognitive functions due to its rich catechins. It also supports memory, learning and coordination skills with caffeine and other components.

Ginkgo Biloba

Have you heard of this name before? Ginkgo biloba is also known as the temple tree. Although it is a tree belonging to the Asian vegetation, today it grows all over the world. It is also one of the longest living trees in the world. It is said that there are even 2500 years old ones. Its fan-shaped leaves are dried and used to make tea. It is thought to support blood flow to the brain, memory and cognitive activities.


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