1. temples


Those Who Suffer From Migraine Attention! You Can Relax By Massaging These Acupuncture Points

e your temples with movements starting from the front and going backwards. You can go up to your ears. Massage both sides of the head for 60 seconds.

2. The bottom of your head

There are two pressure points where your skull meets the neck and these are called Tianzhu points. There is about 4 cm between the two Tianzhu points. You can also understand these points as two depressions where your neck starts. You can relieve your pain by massaging these points for 1-2 minutes.

3. Hands

He Gu points between your thumb and forefinger are also important massage points. Massaging the He Gu points relieves headaches and blocked sinusitis. You can massage each hand for 30 seconds.

4. Third eye

The Yintang point, or third eye point, is located in the middle of your forehead, just above the two eyes. You can do a light massage on this point with circular movements for 1 minute.

5. Inner eyebrows

You can apply intense pressure to the Zan Zhu points on the inside of both eyebrows for 1 minute. Do the movements in a circular fashion. Massaging these points will also help fill your sinuses. As a result, your headache is relieved.

6. The tip of the cheekbones

Yingxiang points are located from the end of your lips upwards to under your eyes. 1 - 2 minute massages on these points help relieve both headache, sinusitis and stress.

7. Top of the starting point of your hair

Just above your forehead, on both sides of your head, there are softer spots than on the other sides of your head. One of these points is located right in the middle. With your fingertips, you can massage these points with light movements for 10 to 40 seconds.

8. Shoulder roots

Massaging this point, located in the middle of the shoulder head and the back of the neck, relieves neck and shoulder stiffness and neck pain. It will also help with asthma and other spasms.

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