7 Essential Oil for Sleeping Well

7 Essential Oil for Sleeping Well

Although sleep is extremely important for our body to be healthy, many of us find it difficult to sleep comfortably due to the stress and pressure of life. Long working hours, eating or drinking late, consuming too much caffeine, not getting things done on time, thinking about the next day's meeting or presentation…

These are commonplace causes that impair the quality of sleep for many of us every day. All these stressful thoughts are responsible for sleepless nights or poor sleep quality. People who do not sleep well and whose stress level increases and their mood worsens because of this, often find the remedy to take medication. However, this time, the unwanted side effects of the drugs in question are starting to affect health badly. However, there is another solution to this. If you can't sleep well for various reasons, vegetable oils can also be a solution to your problem.

There is something else you should do before resorting to herbal oils or any solution for a comfortable sleep; it is to prepare your bedroom for a good sleep. In this way, you can get more efficiency from the vegetable oils you will use. First, make sure your bedroom is dark enough. Turn off all the lights, put your cell phone on airplane mode, ventilate your bedroom a while before you go to sleep if needed. Finally, get yourself an oil diffuser that you love. Or before you go to bed, apply a few drops of essential oil to your palms, warm the oil in your palms by rubbing your hands, and then gently massage your neck, shoulders, feet and abdomen. You can mix it with some coconut oil to make the vegetable oil you use spread more easily. Now let's come to the vegetable oils that will improve your sleep quality:

1. Lavender oil Lavender is known to help reduce tension in the body and relax muscles. According to research conducted at the University of Southampton in England, it has been observed that people who use lavender oil in the bedroom sleep 20 percent better than those who do not.

2. Valerian oil The scent of valerian may not be one of the best scents in life, but valerian oil can help you relax. If you are very uncomfortable, you can mix valerian oil with other oils to suppress its smell.

3. Orange flower oil Orange flower oil is also one of the most effective oils to help you get a quality sleep. It is known that orange flower oil, which is in the content of many perfumes, is also good for the problem of hypertension.

4. Vetiver oil If you like earthy scents, vetiver is for you. Vetiver oil helps to eliminate sleep problems due to hormonal stress.

5. Sage oil Another herbal oil that will help you improve your sleep quality with its relaxing scent is sage oil. Known for its ability to reduce stress, sage oil allows you to have a comfortable sleep.

6. Roman chamomile oil Since there are many varieties of chamomile, different oils are also available. You can use roman chamomile oil to improve your sleep quality. You can also drink chamomile tea if you wish.

7. Patchouli oil If you are looking for a herbal oil that will help you fall asleep comfortably, patchouli is for you. Patchouli, which is in the content of many perfumes, gives a nice air to your room with its pleasant smell.

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