Beet Juice for Anemia

Beet Juice for Anemia

healthy recipe for anemia

● 3 red apples

● 4 red beets

● 1 carrot

● Juice of 2 lemons

● 2 tablespoons of brown sugar

● Half a teaspoon of powdered ginger

To dip the rim of the glasses:

● Lemon and brown sugar

What are the Benefits of Beet Juice?

Anemia Preventive
Another benefit of red beetroot is that it supports the solution of anemia and iron deficiency problems. Beet juice, which is observed to increase the level of red blood cells, contributes to blood production, making this vegetable a very valuable food.

It is possible to say that beet juice has many known benefits for the human body.

People with high blood pressure are recommended to consume beet juice. Red beet juice is also known to help keep blood pressure under control.

It is recommended to drink beet juice to combat liver problems.

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