Benefits of Temple Massage for Migraine Relief

Benefits of Temple Massage for Migraine Relief

Migraine is a type of headache accompanied by recurring throbbing attacks on one side of the head. Triggers of migraine, which occurs with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sensitivity to light and sound, are generally the use of certain medications, alcohol consumption, especially red wine, excessive caffeine intake, stress, bright light, sound and sleep problems.

What should we pay attention to to protect ourselves from migraine attacks?
For those who want to find a solution to migraine that affects us due to unexpected reasons, you can try effective massage methods. Some technical massages provide relief by relieving tension in the nerves. You can try over-the-ear massage, which will also be effective for migraines.

On-Ear Massage

Our second massage technique is to gently press the fingers on the top/front of your ear. This method is very useful for patients whose pain is concentrated in the outer upper corners of the eyes. In this massage, you should prefer to move your fingers up and down, not in a circular motion. You can increase the effect by applying a circular massage to the upper part of the head with your free thumbs.

Nevilife Migraine oil provides relief against migraine attacks thanks to the natural ingredients it contains. You can make your massage more effective by using Nevilife migraine oil before massaging your temples.

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