Herbal Teas for Spring Fatigue

Herbal Teas for Spring Fatigue

The mental and body energy of people inrease with spring months. Also, spring fatigue may seen most of us. We want to get rid of it. Spring fatigue depends on many factors. Here is some herbal tea advices to relieve spring fatigue.

Rosehip tea gives energy, it is preferred in cases of weakness, fatigue and exhaustion. When only 5 grams of dried rosehip is taken, approximately 35% of daily vitamin C needs, 5% of vitamin A needs, 1% of calcium and 5% of fiber needs are met. It is nutritious.

Research on linden tea; regularly consumed linden tea; It is proven to help reduce stress and anxiety. Linden tea is very useful especially for those who want to live a stress-free life in spring.

Chamomile tea provides rest for the muscles in cases of fatigue and weakness. It is recommended to consume one cup a day, especially in winter. It helps regulate sleep when consumed in the evening. Regular sleep helps the body recover and strengthen the immune system.

After the lemon balm is warmed, filter it and drink its juice. This will take all your tiredness and stress away. It is enough to drink lemon balm once a day. When you come home in the evening and drink a glass on an empty stomach or on a full stomach, you will overcome your stress.

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