Mullein Benefits

Mullein Benefits

What is Mullein?

Mullein, which is Verbascum in Latin, is a member of the gentian family. The height of the plant, which is found in Eurasia and warm regions, can vary between 60 cm and 200 cm. Mullein, which is different from the plants found in nature, is at the top with the benefits it provides.

The plant, which is known almost all over the world, has started to be consumed in our country after the 21st century. Horsetail Grass, whose effects continue to be researched, has gained more different uses over time.

What are the benefits of mullein?

One of the most frequently asked questions about mullein is its health benefits. Mullein is considered worthy of attention by experts, as it provides dozens of health benefits.

It is beneficial for the respiratory tract. It is effective against inflammation in the respiratory tract. It can benefit respiratory diseases such as shortness of breath and asthma. In short, mullein can be used in many of the problems that can be experienced in this region.

Mullein is friendly to the liver. In addition to its task of cleansing the liver, it is an inhibitor against liver cancer. It has substances that do not allow the problem of liver failure to occur.

It has an expectorant effect. Mullein, which is a natural expectorant, has high effects against infections in the throat area. Thanks to its expectorant effects, it is included in the group of plants recommended for decades.

It has diuretic effects. Mullein supports the healthy functioning of the urinary region. It regulates the stomach and intestines.

It is very effective against skin diseases. One of the biggest features of mullein is that it is effective against skin disorders. It can be used as a healing agent in problems such as acne, acne, eczema in the skin area.

It can be used to protect against colds. Mullein is effective in protecting against seasonal colds, flu and other infections. The benefits are many. It can protect from the virus when consumed as tea.

In case of ear infections, mullein can be preferred. It supports the healing of infections in the region in a short time.

It has the effects of accelerating sweating. In this sense, it is among the plants that can be preferred for athletes.

It has emollient properties. It facilitates breathing. In general, it has a relaxing effect.

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