Self Care Routine Before Bed Time

Self Care Routine Before Bed Time

A few simple steps may be enough to make our day more productive. Although many people think that it is necessary to make full use of their daytime hours during the day, on the contrary, I think that a few hours that we will set aside for ourselves at night will make our whole day productive. How Does? Let's see together..

Nights are the hours we spend the most intensely with the tiredness of the day. However, this intensity brings the chaos of the day into consideration. Therefore, it can be difficult for a person to stand out from these crowds and take time for oneself. In other words, you might say, why should I tire myself by thinking a little more while resting? It is a fair criticism, but I find it very valuable to leave the day alone and evaluate my day in the evening. Because while there are many places and people I need to share my life with during the day, at least I have time to spare for myself in the evenings. And when I identify it with myself with a few simple steps, it becomes an integral but meaningful part of my life.

For this, it was enough to set aside 1.5 hours for myself before going to bed.

1) First Step, Find empty table and paper and take a pencil…
I took a pen and started thinking. I spent the whole day before my eyes, from morning to evening. I wonder if there is something missing that I need to do? I started to take notes on my shortcomings. First of all, it was obvious that these shortcomings were a burden on me. In other words, it would be an even bigger mistake to load other burdens without taking these burdens off me. That's why I made a promise to myself to plan my shortcomings and finish them one by one starting tomorrow.

2) Second, Think about wrong sides of self and how to fix it..
When I thought about how this planning made me feel relieved, seeing my own flaws started to not bother me at all. In summary, I thought that if I thought about the reason for my own shortcomings or mistakes and decided to correct them, I could relax even more.

- The first step was to think about the situations that caused me to make mistakes. Like was I angry or too selfish

- The second step was to concentrate on how I could find a solution to this intensity of emotion that led me to a mistake. In this way, I first started to see the events that caused it and my own reaction. Thus, I realized that I had to consider my own limits and those of others.

- The third step showed me deciding when and what steps to take in order to internalize it. This increased my self-confidence.

- In the fourth step, I realized my real needs. Because before I thought about these, I realized that I had never thought about what I needed for a peaceful life.

- With the fifth and last step, I started to think that I am a person who knows what he wants to do and how to react in situations he encounters.

Although this did not change my life at first, it showed that I could control my anger over time. Because the most obvious response to anger stems from people's thinking that their right has been defeated. In other words, it seems like the most natural right of a person to react with anger. But what does it matter if the anger response is going to make things right, if it hurts me even more?

While I was writing this article, I didn't go into much sampling. Because we all live very different lives, no matter how much we look alike. We carry many other desires within us. I just tried to explain what I was doing step by step and how I progressed. The realization that emerged in the end became my wife. If there are issues that you see missing or think further, I will be waiting for you to share.

With love…

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