Watermelon Melon Juice Recipe

Watermelon Melon Juice Recipe

Ingredients for Watermelon Melon Juice Recipe

half watermelon
half melon
1 glass of sugar
2 teaspoons of lemon salt
3 liters of water
How to Make Watermelon Melon Juice Recipe?

Now, my last watermelon to buy ready-made juice did not have a taste, I wanted to evaluate it so that it would not be wasted, it was very good.

First, let's add our watermelon and melon to the food processor and grind well.
Let's put our strainer in a wide bowl and put the fruits we have picked and press it with the help of a spoon.
Let's add sugar lemon salt and add water, sugar can be increased optionally.
Let's put it in the fridge to cool. Enjoy your meal

Benefits of Melons Juice Recipe

Both fruits contain very low energy; When we eat 100gr of watermelon, we get 22 calories; In 100gr melon, we get 27 calories. Melon and watermelon provide the continuation of normal nervous system activity with the vitamin B1 they contain. It is our helper because we do not spend the day energetically and stress-free. Vitamin B2 in its content is an important vitamin for the health of the eyes and skin. Both are good sources of vitamin C.

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