What Causes Psoriasis

What Causes Psoriasis

what causes psoriasis

The underlying cause of psoriasis has not been definitively revealed. Recent studies have focused on the idea that genetic and immune system-related factors may be jointly effective in the development of the disease.

In psoriasis, which is an autoimmune event, cells that normally fight foreign microorganisms synthesize antibodies against the antigens of skin cells and cause characteristic rashes to occur. It is thought that some environmental and genetic factors may trigger the development of skin cells that regenerate faster than normal. The most common of these triggering factors are:

Throat or skin infection
Cold and dry climatic conditions
Accompanying different autoimmune diseases
Skin traumas
Tobacco use or exposure to cigarette smoke
excessive alcohol consumption
After rapid discontinuation of steroid-derived drugs
After the use of certain drugs used for the treatment of blood pressure or malaria
The question of whether psoriasis is contagious is that this disease can occur in anyone.

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