Which Herbs Are Good for Asthma?

Which Herbs Are Good for Asthma?

There is no clear cure for asthma. Only certain foods are known to be good. Plants that are good for asthma and help reduce symptoms can be listed as follows:

Clove oil is known as a natural pain reliever with antispasmodic effect. It eliminates inflammation in the body and the problems caused by these inflammations. If 6 to 7 drops of clove oil are dropped on the chest area and massaged, the effect will be seen in a short time.
Eucalyptus oil is effective in clearing blocked airways. In this way, it relaxes asthma patients and helps in breathing or exhaling.
Figs are a very helpful food when asthma attacks are intense. It is effective to take figs, which have been put in water overnight, before breakfast in the morning.
Caffeine helps relieve breathing difficulties. It facilitates the entry and exit of air into the lungs.
Lavender oil is an oil that is quite effective like eucalyptus oil. After adding some lavender oil to the hot water, this mixture is closed. When asthma patients inhale its vapor, it sees the relief effect after a certain period of time.
Honey is known as another herb that has an asthma-relieving effect. It is effective in reducing asthma attacks and giving results quickly. Asthma should consume honey added to warm water at least 2 times a day.
Onions are effective in clearing the respiratory tract. Its use at regular intervals relieves asthma symptoms.


What are Herbal Teas and Recipes Good for Asthma?

Some herbal teas that are good for asthma and are known to have a lot of effect and the recipes of these teas are as follows:

Sage: After adding the leaves of fresh or dried sage tea to boiling water, it is waited for a certain time. It can be consumed after brewing.
Clove Tea: After straining the boiling clove, its water is separated. Honey can be added optionally. This mixture should be taken both in the morning and in the evening. It shows its effect in a short time.
Ginger tea: It is a very good tea for cough and is used in many diseases. After extracting the ginger juice, it is mixed with pomegranate juice. Honey is added to this mixture of equal amounts and should be taken at least 2 times a day.
Anise Tea: In addition to its calming effect, its effect on respiration is also quite large. It is more effective when consumed with cinnamon. After adding the dried anise leaves to the boiled water, it is left to brew for about 10 minutes. It can be consumed afterwards, but it should be ensured that it is waited enough.

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