Why Do We Always Stumble

Why Do We Always Stumble

In many ways, people can experience fluctuations in their life. Because of this, despair and pessimism become his greatest pain. But there are some of us. He finds different ways to deal with this pain. In fact, he starts to see the truth, not finding a different way. Basically, the solution to this problem is that people do not live according to their needs. But this is not our main point right now. First of all, after explaining the awareness for the solution of the problem, we can move on to the point of basic need.

Yes, we talked about showing the truth. Actually, seeing the truth is not such a big deal, actually. Seeing the truth is seeing one's own mistakes while evaluating the problems that one has experienced. Because as soon as a person focuses on success, he starts to think only about the results. It continues to advance in this direction without stopping. However, it never occurs to one's mind that they may encounter many problems that they will or will have to overcome during this process. Therefore, he thinks that his life will pass without any problems and troubles. But the truth, on the contrary, appears as troubles and struggles. One of the reasons for this is that we value vain theories to such an extent that we idolize them within ourselves. We attach so much importance to an issue before we even begin that we think we are nothing without it. The point that pushes us to this situation stems from our wrong perceptions that we can't always change. Let's try to explain this with a nice description:

For example, the teachings of common fables and opinions have always tried to point out that what is holding us back is other or external factors. For this reason, instead of looking for the fault inside, we always searched outside. So, being Cinderella in a life tale, we looked for an enemy witch for every problem we had. Okay, maybe some external factors that we do not have in some respects can interfere with our work. But can they really hinder us if we don't want to? Herein lies the problem. The miracles in fairy tales unfortunately cause us to rely on miracles in our own lives. Because of this, we can constantly be dragged into error. Instead of looking at ourselves and where I went wrong, we look for making enemies outside. This matter of making enemies also causes us to lose our self-control. Then, starting from our closest ones, we can declare anyone who does not suit our mood at that moment as an enemy. From this point of view, uncontrolled anger causes us to devour ourselves without realizing it. Unfortunately, at this point, the truth shows us this: Are we making the necessary planning for our goals that we work hard enough for? And how well does this planning fit the criteria of our current life? For example, many of us try to rise above our own standards to a certain extent, although not at a very high level. But this is a certain effort, along with the effort, time and patience, time and patience represent the life that will pass through our lives. Do we have time to spare for this time in the first step? Let's say we have taken the time, we will surely encounter different expenses at every level of the ideal we aim for. Because every award demands a value return just like our effort. Do we have the power to meet these costs? From this point of view, looking at problems emotionally when starting out can only hide all problems in the deception of rosy dreams. But the problems that we cannot repay except for the time and effort we have, will both exhaust our patience and consume our lives since they will be inconclusive and helpless. Because the only way to be enthusiastic, that is, to be always willing and willing, is to always have hope. This is only possible with patience. Patience gains strength from taking steps, even small ones. No one can strengthen his patience where he stops. Patience's greatest pillar gains strength by finding alternative solutions when the remedies are exhausted. This is true even for religious judgments, in fact, when all means are exhausted, you take refuge in the last prayer. Prayer is also a verb. Even if you run out of help, you don't stop, you take shelter in prayer. Also, this prayer at the end gives comfort to the heart even if it is not realized because all the remedies have been exhausted and all the troubles have been made. Because people are sure of this. He actually did everything that had to be done. He has tried everything he can. This feeling of comfort is like the peace that sweat brings at the end of the day.

Let's come to our issue, I wonder if we did everything necessary about the issues that we were really bored and overwhelmed? Starting from the first step, have we decided where to stand for thresholds that will test our patience? Or have we ever thought about it? For example, how far could we go with the resources we have? Have we targeted how far these opportunities will take us? Let's say we have determined, do we have the means to start over when we lose everything we have achieved when something goes wrong?

What do we actually need?

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