Why Skin Sagging Occur & How Prevent it?

Why Skin Sagging Occur & How Prevent it?

One of the most important cause of skin sagging is neglected of your skin. Unfortunately neglected skin doomed to struggle with aging, sagging and other skin problems. Especially after age of between 35 and 40 some changing occur on skin. The decrease in fat and collagen in the lower layer of the skin causes the skin to lose its elasticity.

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There is not specific reason to cause of skin sagging. When to reviewed on skin, will meet with many reasons of that. Although basic problem seem like aging, it is a condition that occurs at an early age.

Here is some them;
The skin loses moisture,
Frequent weight gain
Excessive smoking and alcohol consumption
Not drinking enough water
Persistent insomnia,
genetic factors,
Insufficient cleansing of the skin
Not taking care of the skin,
Vitamin and especially mineral deficiency
Fatigue based on intense life pace,
Inadequate, irregular and wrong eating habits,
Too much exposure to harmful sun rays
Such reasons are among the factors that trigger and accelerate skin sagging.

Of course, as with many skin problems, this problem can be prevented or delayed before it occurs with effective methods to be applied for skin sagging. Unfortunately, aging cannot be prevented. However, the problems it will cause can be delayed to a great extent. The loss of elasticity of the skin, which is called skin or cheek sagging, can also be prevented by taking serious precautions.
What needs to be done for this is very simple and effective methods. You can make your skin happy not only to prevent loss of elasticity and to prevent skin sagging, but also to make your skin happy with some applications that are necessary or even essential for a healthy skin in general. You can start taking good care of your skin with a Gless Pena Skin tightening creams.

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Rules to be followed and followed in order to prevent skin sagging;

Drinking lots of water during the day
Regular sleep,
To acquire healthy eating habits,
Regular skin care to be made suitable for the skin and to be started at an early age,
Moisturize the skin regularly
Getting into the habit of doing facial massage or yoga,
Using sunscreen cream in all seasons,
Reducing smoking.

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