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Neviderma Eczama Care

Neviderma Eczama Care

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Neviderma Essential Oil for Eczema 1 bottle 50 ml

This product is a multi-purpose solution for eczema, mild seborrheic dermatitis, and many other skin irritations cause of eczema. Also it's heal itching caused by eczema.

Ingredients: Mulberry oil, Levander Oil, and also this product is obtained from the mixture of herbal actives contained in D vitamins supplemented formula with olive oil.

Mulberry is the most common plant with healing properties of the skin. The flowers contain vitamin E, provitamin A, vitamin C. Mulberry also has antiseptic effect. Soothes skin, good for irritation and redness.
Lavender has excellent antiseptic properties. It quickly heals inflammations, insect bites, bubbles, bruises and wounds. Indispensable for those with sensitive skin type. The extract, essential oil, stimulates metabolic processes in the skin. Useful for dry skin. It stops itching.

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