Facial Massage Therapy for Comfort Sleeping Well

Facial Massage Therapy for Comfort Sleeping Well

First, you can try to get maximum benefit from the scent by applying some essential oil around your nose. Then release all your breath in 5 breaths, then take a deep belly breath and repeat 5 times. Try to follow your breathing by doing this process. Imagine that as you inhale, all the healing and regenerative power of aromatherapy oil mixes with your blood, and as you exhale, the carbon dioxide in your body comes out. In this way, try to remove the distressing and tiring thoughts from your mind.

Then, press your hands over your eyebrows and pull them down to your hairline and repeat this several times. This step is very important as applying pressure will stimulate the veins.

In the third stage, start massaging your forehead in a circle. Start at the center of your forehead, move towards your temples, and then return to the center and repeat the movement. Repeat this step 5 to 10 times.

Then, tighten your eyebrows by holding them from the bottom and top, starting from the bridge of your nose and reaching the point where your eyebrows end. At this stage, imagine your fingers like pincers and squeeze your eyebrows and release them. The eyebrow area reflects the adrenal glands, which go into overdrive when we're stressed. This movement helps soothe the eyebrow area.

In the next step, place your middle finger between your eyebrows, put your other middle finger on top and draw three small spirals with your two fingers.
Increase the pressure each time. Repeat the process in the opposite direction. Repeat three times in each direction, count to 5 and hold your fingers at the middle point. In Chinese medicine, the spot between the eyebrows not only helps in removing toxins; It corresponds to the liver, which also processes irritability, emotional inflammation, and anger. This step is very important to calm down and relax your mind.

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If your eyes are swollen due to fatigue and computer use, soak cotton pads with black tea and apply some pressure to your eyes. Slowly press the pads and move them in and out.

Then, while keeping the pads on your eyes for a few more minutes, apply gentle pressure to the jaw muscles and move your hands from your chin to under your ears. In this way, you can relax your tense facial muscles.

Finally, place your hands on your cheeks and slide them. Run your fingers from the chin and either side of the ears to the back of your head. Repeat this step several times with moderate pressure. This movement; It's believed to help release endorphins, the body's natural pain blockers and pleasure chemicals, and put you in a state of bliss if repeated enough times.

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