What Are The Stress Triggers

What Are The Stress Triggers

What is Stress

Stress is a condition that affects the body and mental state, negatively affects the quality of life, and causes future disorders, and is a part of life and is divided into three groups; It can lower the immune system by causing differences in breathing and pulse. your stress; There are physical, mental, emotional and social symptoms.

Stress is known as a natural human reaction that every person can experience in everyday life. Along with this, it appears as a part of his life. Stress keeps a person alert and motivated. It makes the person ready to protect against possible risks. The human body takes on the task of experiencing stress and reacting to it with it. When differences or difficulties occur, the body reacts mentally and physically. Stress reactions help your body get used to new situations. For example, if you have an important exam coming up, stress allows a person to work more concentrated.
What Causes Stress?
This situation can be caused by many different reasons. A big event can create stress, as well as a large number of small events that accumulate at certain times. Therefore, it can be difficult to determine the situation that creates stress in the individual or to express it to another person. Although the causes of stress differ from person to person, there are usually certain situations that lead to this situation, some of these situations are as follows;


feeling oppressed
Confronting big differences
worry about a situation
Having little control over an event
Take on the responsibilities of overwhelm
Exposure to discrimination, racism or harassment
losing a loved one
Experiencing situations such as divorce or separation
Increase in financial problems
catching a serious illness
having a livelihood problem

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