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Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile Essential Oil

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Chamomile essential oil is a natural and pure form of the herb, offering herbal and health benefits. It can also be used for skin care purposes, providing a range of powerful health benefits. Try Chamomile essential oil for an herbal, natural way to help take care of your body.

Pure 100% Organic Chamomile Essential Oil 50 ml

♦️Benefits of Chamomile Oil

👉Skin Tone Balancer

Chamomile oil balances your skin tone. It brightens the color of your skin, especially when used regularly after tanning.

👉Moisturizes Your Skin

Chamomile oil moisturizes dry skin and maintains moisture balance.

👉Smoother Skin

Thanks to the minerals and vitamins in its content, it helps to repair your skin. It is especially used as an aid in the relief of problem skin. Another effect it will have on your skin will be brightness. Chamomile oil will be a good option for those with sensitive skin.

All our essential oils is made by %100 natural content and there is not chemical, alcohol-Free. All Gless Pena & Nevilife products are suitable for vegans. There is not any gliserin and alcohol inside. It is %100 organic.

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