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Gless Pena Anti Hair Loss Serum

Gless Pena Anti Hair Loss Serum

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Gless Pena Natural Hair Loss Treatment Serum for Hair Growth Oil 50 ml

Gless Pena herbal anti hair loss oil which is extremely effective especially against scalp hair loss problems. If you used regularly with its rosemary oil content, it helps to form new roots by strengthening hair follicles and scalp in a short time. It will provide natural hair growth. It is perfect natural scalp serum for hair growth care.
Gless Pena hair growth serum strengthens hair and prevents hair loss which is caused by breakage. Thanks to cleanses hair of toxins, it helps to revitalize your hair. Thus it prevents hair loss for hair loss treatment. Also its rosemary and bay leaves oil contents prevent hair whitening.

This product helps to repair and strenghten your hair. It is natural scalp serum for hair loss treatment. Gless Pena anti hair loss serum helps to repairs the damage in the hair by filling the cracks in the hair. It increases hair density by preventing hair loss. This hair treatment serum penetrates the hair roots, nourishes and strengthens the hair. That helps to growth hair. It makes the hair look fuller with its concentrated effect. This hair grwoth oil reconstructs the hair to thicken roots. It provides 85% reduction in hair loss. Using Gless Pena anti hair loss oil in the long run it may provide natural healthy hair regrowth care.
It provides nutrition in thinning, sensitive, weakening hair strands and strengthens the fed hair strands. It prolongs life in hair strands. This product turns dry, lifeless and damaged hair into shiny and vibrant hair.

To penetrate hair follicles this hair growth serum made by special essential oils. This herbal essential oils has regenerating effect on the scalp. This product consists of natural oil extracts only. So, it is a safe hair loss treatment.

Ingredients: This product is obtained from the mixture of herbal actives contained in rosemary oil and bay leaves oil.
All Gless Pena & Nevilife products mixed by %100 herbal extracts.

When using this product, it should be used with a special comb. Therefore, it is a gift of our specially manufactured anti static wooden comb store. It allows the serum to have a better effect on the hair follicles. At the same time It protects to scalp health.

Usage: Apply a 1-2 minute massage to your scalp with at least 6 - 7 drops of 100% Natural Hair Oil.
There should be no contact with water for 2 or 3 hours after use for the absorption of serum.

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