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Gless Pena Seaweed Moisturizer Cream

Gless Pena Seaweed Moisturizer Cream

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Benefits of Gless Pena Seaweed Moisturizer Cream

-Nourishing and detoxing facial care.
-Increasing hydration and trans-epidermal water loss.
-Supporting collagen production.
-Anti aging facial care for wrinkles.
-Being anti-inflammatory and calming
-Providing intense vitamin, mineral and nutrient delivery.
-You can use Gless Pene natural skin care cream for lip moisturizer

Benefits of Seaweed oil for facial care;

Thanks to the helping to balance oil production, it balances sebum production for the oil glands that protect the health of the facial nourishing and firming. Since seaweed oil nourishing your skin with minerals, it maintains to moisturizer for face balance and plays a helpful role in the work of enzymes. There are many functional fatty acids in the Gless Pena seaweed cream. It is effective night cream for anti aging moisturizer effect in natural skin care. These fatty acids are also known as omega-3, DHA, and EPA.
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