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Nevilife Sinusitis Essential Oils

Nevilife Sinusitis Essential Oils

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This herbal essential oil supported by peppermint oil. Because peppermint oil contains menthol. Its rich contain of mentho may helping to open the airways and clear mucus. Therefore It is very useful for reducing the severity of headache whic is caused by sinusitis.
It has rich vitamin C contents to may relieve sinusitis attacks. Vitamin C strengthens the body's immune system against bacterial infection and makes you more resistant to diseases that cause sinusitis, such as colds and nasal congestion.
It is scientifically known that some greens containing vitamin A are good for sinusitis infection. Therefore, this oil extract has been supplemented with extracts of vitamin A along with vitamin C.

This product finishes sinusitis attacks by preventing the pressure on the sensory nerves causing sinusitis headaches. This product prevents the discomfort of filling the cavities in the facial bones with inflamed tissue by helping the inflammation to pass and open the pores.
This herbal mix solve sinusitis cause by blockage of sinus drainage channels. With %100 natural content and No side effect.

Ingredients: This product is obtained from the mixture of herbal actives contained in vitamin A and vitamin C supplemented formula with peppermint oil and olive oil.

All Gless Pena & Nevilife products mixed by %100 herbal extracts.

Usage: This product is used once a day by dropping 5 drops both sides of the nose. Also it applies to nose and fore head. After application, there should be no contact with water for at least 2 hours to absorb the cream.

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